Membership and Lending Agreement

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Contract Conditions

  1. It is necessary to be a member of the library in order to benefit from lending services.
  2. Membership and lending transactions, H.Ü. It can be done with ID Cards.
  3. Membership and lending transactions cannot be made on behalf or identity of another person.
  4. It is the user's responsibility to return the borrowed resources undamaged and at the specified time.
  5. Users are obliged to follow the return dates of the resources they receive.
  6. Users will create their own passwords for "My Account". For each delayed resource, delay fee is charged on daily basis.
  7. Users with a delay fee will be charged by the Strategy Department if they do not pay the delay fee.
  8. If users with a delay penalty do not pay the delay fee, they will be charged by the Strategy Department.
  9. Delay fees are collected via the POS device through the corporate IDs of the users.
  10. For lost, non-returned or damaged resources, the user is obliged to provide the same. If the same is not found in the market, a new edition of the source or an equivalent source determined by the relevant librarian is provided.
  11. Users with overdue resources or penalties cannot benefit from lending services.
  12. Your e-mail account specified in the membership form, library education/event, etc. It can be used for informational purposes in announcements.
  13. Library memberships of our users who are found to be not complying with the library rules are frozen for 6 months.
  14. In lending services, Library Automation System records are essential.
  15. Users personal information is not shared or used with anyone. Personal information is required for the library automation system. Only resource borrowing numbers can be shared as statistical information.

Users graduating/leaving the University must be berak off from the Library.

Statement of Obligation

I accept all responsibility for the resources I borrowed from Hacettepe University Libraries.

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